Hugo Gallinaro

Hugo Gallinaro

Fly Fishing / Lure

Natif du plus grand port de pêche de méditerranée « SETE », la passion de l’eau et du poisson m'anime depuis mon plus jeune âge...

Specialized in tracking down trophy fish, and always looking for new approaches, I am constantly looking to improve my techniques for capturing these fish.

Both in my personal sessions and through guiding, the goal is to transmit this passion. My different experiences, in Europe and elsewhere in the world, in fresh water and at sea, have allowed me to capture a number of species, each more exciting than the last. But none rivals the Bluefin Tuna as the adrenaline rush caused by its surface hunts is a renewed happiness with each encounter. These are the emotions that we offer you to discover with BFT-Guiding. Our perfect knowledge of the tactical and technical variables necessary for the success of your tuna courses, whether fly or spinning, offers you the best chance of coming into contact with this legendary fish. Competence, professionalism and conviviality are at the heart of our days, not to mention a little dose of madness always necessary for the smooth running of extreme fishing!

Pêcheur de gros specimen


Fly Fishing / Lure


Grégory Dolet

Guide pêche à la mouche

Je suis un pêcheur passionné de pêches extrêmes à la mouche et au leurre.

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The estuary is the well-known kite spot in the lagoon. Two launches are possible.